Re: Logging In and Logging Out

Chris Jones

On Sun, Oct 25, 2020 at 10:51 PM, Bob Krampetz wrote:
What is the method used (avoiding having to LOG back after logging out) ...
The answer is cookies. However, I think you may be misunderstanding a small point. If you log out then you will need to log in again next time to visit. I suspect that rather than logging out you are simply closing a browser tab and "going away". which isn't the same thing. If you do that the cookies will remain showing that you are still logged in, not having logged out. Going away and logging out are not one and the same thing.

So how to actively log out? At the right hand of the bar at the top of the web UI page you will find your name or some other identity that you have used; click on it and one of the items in the drop - down is Log Out. Click on that and voila.


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