Re: Strange thing happened with a Group reply - any ideas how this could have happened? #bug

Stan Gorodenski

Related to this, have some in this group experienced not having received emails of a post in this group? I had emailed a question to this group but do not recall ever having received subsequent posts of that topic, and there probably were 3-5 of them. Maybe I just did not realize the messages for what they were and deleted them. That is always a possibility. Or it may be a problem with my IP. Each morning I have to check their spam folder to release messages, and in the past I have never received messages I should have or they have come through a week or two later. If no one else has experienced this then it must be my mistake or maybe a problem with my IP.

On 10/25/2020 7:56 AM, Jane Valencia wrote:
Hi, we had a strange occurrence on our list. In replying to a thread about a wedding email scam (where scammers are emailing performers to play for a fake wedding), one of our members had this experience:

"I replied to the wedding scam post by hitting "reply to group", and a strange thing happened. It sent to our list address and to the sender of the message [both addresses are quoted and correct]
BUT it never posted, and instead I got an email from someone named [name quoted] at a completely different address, saying she had received the email and does not know me."

I looked into our members, and the person's name and address are not on our list -- not even similar to anyone else's. I emailed her and she has no idea what our list is. The mystery person has an address, if that's helpful.

What could have happened? The situation makes no sense to me. Is this a bug somehow triggered by the content about the spam? On the other hand, this thread has been 'live' for a while as a topic on our list.

Thank you,
Jane Valencia
harplist Owner/Moderator

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