Re: Fixing "Group email address invalid" #bug #askmembers #access

Iris Trieb


Thanks. We had moved before Yahoo shut down and it was a smooth process to transition to More recently I needed to update group settings (I'm the Group Owner), but received an error when trying to save changes. I changed the group title (not the email) slightly and was able to make the moderation changes. Hopefully most of the freecycle groups aren't impacted. I appreciate everyone's input to resolve this issue. 


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Subject: Re: [GMF] Fixing "Group email address invalid" #access #askmembers #bug
Most of our local Freecycle groups have switched to with no problems; all have the word "freecycle" in the group name.  Most of us transferred from running our groups on Yahoo, having left the fold long ago.

Anne, Freecycle-SilverSpringMD+owner

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