Re: Fixing "Group email address invalid" #bug #askmembers #access


Are you trying to change the group name along with other changes?  or does the existing name have "freecycle" in the name? Try making changes without any change in the group name.  See if that goes through.

I tried and tried to make a group with "freecycle" in the name, came up "not valid" everytime.  If I happen to duplicate the name of an existing group it said "not available".  I think there is a block on using "freecycle".  I wrote and asked, about 3 days ago, but have not received a reply.

Our freecycle group has a shortened name, just initials, so I created a group with that name and that was accepted.  Then in the description I wrote out the full name with "freecycle" in the description, and that worked.  I checked search, and if you put in a search for a freecycle group in our area, our new group comes up.

I don't know why we cannot create groups with "freecycle" in the name.  There are already lots of groups at io that have freecycle in the name, but seems to be blocked now.


On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 8:26 PM Iris Trieb <triebi@...> wrote:
Yes, I can log in and perform operational items (approve/reject messages, add new members). I have an issue when I try to change the group settings. It appears to me like I am the group owner, and the Group Email Address looks fine until I make a change to the settings and try to save, when I get the error in the image below.

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