Re: Fixing "Group email address invalid" #bug #askmembers #access

Iris Trieb

Yes, I can log in and perform operational items (approve/reject messages, add new members). I have an issue when I try to change the group settings. It appears to me like I am the group owner, and the Group Email Address looks fine until I make a change to the settings and try to save, when I get the error in the image below.

From: <> on behalf of Frances <frances@...>
Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 8:08 PM
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Subject: Re: [GMF] Fixing "Group email address invalid" #access #askmembers #bug
On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 07:22 PM, Iris Trieb wrote:
The group was started last year, and is currently on premium/paid. However, I can't change any group settings (moderation, photo size, etc.)- when I try to save the setting changes, I get "invalid email" for the group email (the email has not changed since the group was started last year) and it does not allow me to save. Has anyone encountered this, and do you know how to get it fixed?
Can you give more details? Screenshots? 

When you say "group email", I assume that you mean your email address that you use for the group.
Since you say that you are able to see settings, you are logging in.
But are you set as owner or moderator? If moderator, do you have permissions to make changes to settings?
Have you checked your activity and group activity?


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