Watchlist for Inappropriate Words or Simple Quirk

Chris Jones

I had a rather odd scenario in front of me earlier today, and I would be interested to know if any other GMF member has encountered anything like it.

When I switched on this morning there was an email notifiying me that there was a message pending moderation. When I went to the web UI to examine and release it (or otherwise) there was no message listed. The Activity log showed the existence of the pending message, but the pending message itself was not linked, i.e. it was "not in blue". (Given that I don't normally look there when releasing a message it might be that the link isn't activated until the message is released.)  There was no evidence anywhere of its having been rejected by another moderator, and background communication with other moderators has revealed nothing.

Examining the message from the email notification did reveal the presence of a word which is some circumstances might result in a red flag being raised somewhere, although in the context in which it was used such a red flag would not have been necessary. I will not reveal the word here for fear of something similar happening to it, but it was not a profanity or blasphemous; neither was it defamatory about any person or organisation.

Has anyone here ever encountered anything similar? It did cross my mind that might operate a watchlist to look out for "words that must not be used" (and if it does then fair enough) but if that is the case then I would have expected that there would have been no pending message notification issued and the original message bounced back to the sender. FWIW the sender is a regular contributor to the group in question and there is absolutely no indication that he might hold any inappropriate views, political or otherwise. 

I have been in direct contact with the sender and he is philosophical about it to the point of admitting that it was a bit off - topic, but there is nothing unusual in that!

Can anyone here shed any light on this event or is just a one - off anomaly?


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