Re: Problem with a maverick member #problem-member


Donald Hellen wrote:

Seems to me that the trick this member is using could be done even if he's
not a member. So along with giving him the boot (which I would certainly
do), you will probably need to send a notice to the members not to engage
with him.
Donald, we suspect that he while he was a member of our group that he collected a list of our
members which he's using to make his sneaky PBing. And because there are so many folks
who do not bother to strip out the old messages from their replies the guy gets away with
coattailng this way. We've already sent a couple members an aviso about this so some
are already aware of the situation.

and <peterscottcook@...> replied:
If you don't need to display your messages publicly, you can turn them
off so they don't play that trick with your group when they're no
longer a member.
Peter, we view privatizing our Message Archives as a last ditch option, since it is irreversible.
We are hoping that if we stay on top of his attempts the banned member will eventually give up.


Paul M.
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