Re: ReViving a ListName

Christos G. Psarras


>>> Today I tried to create "ListName" which suddenly seems to fly, as the orevious owner stated shows todau - but ListName@groups.IO is unavailable.

Just in case you are not aware of it, it's only the name (email address) box that is checked, not the title box.

Now, certain things can take some time to refresh depending on setup, server load, traffic, etc, so give it some time.  In the meantime, to make sure that a group name you want to use is indeed unavailable, and not a problem of some internal DNS or database lack of refresh, try to go to the home page that group name will have (no matter the group's privacy/visibility settings, its home page is always visible to anyone in the net who knows the address)

So, if you want to use, try to go to 

1- If you get a GIO group home page, then indeed that name is taken.  You shouldn't get back an undeliverable message if you send email to in this case (although I'm not sure what would happen if the owner's email address is dead itself, not sure if GIO will forward back to you as a reply the undeliverable report it would get back when it tries to forward your message to the owner)
2 - If not, then it's a refresh issue, give it a bit more time.  

Let us know how it goes, as if it is due to a refresh and the problem persists, we would need to report it as a bug.

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