Re: Problem with a maverick member #problem-member


On Wed, Oct 14, 2020 at 07:10 AM, Chris Jones wrote:

. . . if he replies to members direct then those don't go through so I
cannot see what Mark could do.
== ==
The thing is that when our problem member replies to an unsuspecting group member the problem member also CCs our group and when the unsuspecting member notices that that in the header the member thinks it is a post made to the group so when that member replies to our group and does not strip out the previous message (a well-known and chronic problem with emailers) then the problem member's text gets posted (via that piggybacking) to the group.

And while we agree that banning this problem member should be done post haste even if the problem member is banned some of his posts are still getting onto our group through this sneaky piggybacking workaround. So apart from banning this problem member we are unsure how to inturrupt this problem member's sneaky workaround. (And FWIW we have already set this problem member's ssubscription to 'No Email - Web Only' and to 'Override: not allowed to post'.)


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