Re: Problem with a maverick member #problem-member

Chris Jones

On Wed, Oct 14, 2020 at 10:15 AM, Epicatt2 wrote:
Any suggestions for how to stop this blocked member from piggybacking onto our group would be welcome.
If I was in your position I think I would have banned the person concerned some time ago! As things stand at the moment he cannot post but can still receive emails when others post; he therefore has something to which he can append a reply in the hope of sneaking it through. 

If you ban him then he will not receive group posts and will thus not have anything to which he can add something. To be doubly sure set his email delivery to No Email.

Is this problem something that Owner Mark might deal with if we are unable to get this member to stop sneaking off-topic stuff onto our group?
Not obviously; if he replies to members direct then those don't go through so I cannot see what Mark could do.

Ban him immediately, if not sooner!


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