Problem with a maverick member #problem-member



We have been having a problem with a certain member of our group who continues to post off-topic stuff to our group and refuses to adhere to our group's Posting Guidelnes.

We fnally set his subscription to 'Override: not allowed to post' after his continued ignoring of our requests to toe the line with his posts –which he just continues to ignore.

Now he is has begun sending email to our group's 'Post' email address plus privately CC-ing his email to some unsuspecting member or other of our group and that member then unwittingly replies to his post which then rides piggybacked into our group's message archives on the unsuspectingm member's email. Repeated requests to cease and desist have gone unrespected. We are now ready to ban this member.

Will banning this uncoöperative member keep him from piggybacking messages onto our group via an unsupecting group member's reply?

We don't want to set our group's Message Archives to Private because that is irreversable. Doing that would be a last resort.

Any suggestions for how to stop this blocked member from piggybacking onto our group would be welcome.

Is this problem something that Owmer Mark might deal with if we are unable to get this member to stop sneaking off-topic stuff onto our group?

Fingers X-ed!

Paul M.
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