What's your experience with "Content flagged as objectionable"


It's evening in my time zone. My neighborhood group of over 3000 is fully moderated. This morning I approved a few messages that were borderline "objectionable" and I thought that the group should hear what the writers had to say. Then it started to get so that I didn't think more messages should be put through about the subject (pandemic related), as it was turning a little unpleasant. I announced it and received many thank yous privately. Anyway, this afternoon a new member joined. He replied to the pending member message immediately and it sounded OK to me, so I approved it. About an hour later, I received a "content flagged as objectionable" message which included a threat to report one of those approved messages as a TOS violation. He claimed "misrepresentation". He complained that I let a certain message through (the one he objects to) but won't let other peaceful messages on the topic through. Not in those exact words, but that's the gist of it.

I often stop conversations when I see them about to go sideways. I never delete the already approved messages. People have known that for years. Besides, I'd say that probably over 80% of the members get single messages or digests, so there's no point if everyone already got those messages. Of the others that are 'nomail', most of them don't even read the messages, as they joined just to advertise. I suspect that this "new member" may be someone who has been on the list and was just trying to subscribe anonymously with a partly common name. IOW, there are others in the neighborhood with that last name. He subscribed via the web and the "They accessed the web from:" info is not suspect.

My question is, what is your experience with a member actually reporting a TOS violation against the group? Should I be worried?

In the meantime, I'm going to try to investigate further as to who this person really is. Google was no help.


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