Re: Bouncing

Chris Jones

On Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 04:42 PM, SP4149 wrote:
Is there a time limit for how long the RED BOUNCED status button is displayed?

I had a co-owner start removing members with Red Bounced status from a single instance months/years ago and whose e-mail delivery had been perfect since.
Odd; if the members were "bouncing" then they should not have been receiving any emails anyway, so it is not obvious how there couldn't have been a problem since. And a "single instance" does not result in a "red bounce" anyway.

There should be an automatic reset feature that removes the Red Status marker after a month without a bouncing problem.
Why? A Red flag is because tried sending Bounce Probes and didn't get a response beyond (perhaps) another bounce. After a while it stops trying.

The bouncing status for some subscribers remained from a single event in last year; those subscribers should not be on a bouncing list in Admin.
Was the "bouncing status" you describe a "blue" or "red" flag event?

IMHO the chief problem was your co - owner perhaps being far too quick off the mark in deleting bouncing members.

See the Owners Manual forĀ  further and better particulars.


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