Re: Group Users

Chris Jones

On Fri, Oct 9, 2020 at 02:36 PM, Annie Green wrote:
Often times my group members have questions I can't answer.
AFAIK there is no bar on anyone joining and using this forum even if it is aimed at Owners and Moderators, but in all fairness as a Group Owner you should ask the questions then feed the answers back to your wider membership.

Although I have never seen it set in tablets of stone anywhere, the role of Owner or Moderator really requires the postholders to acquire as much understanding as possible about the workings of and keep up to date with the changes as they happen; that requires a commitment that individual members are unlikely to exhibit. If an individual member comes along and asks a question, are they likely to pass it on to others who encounter the same problem? I suspect not...

Being a group Owner or Moderator brings a fair degree of responsibility with it.


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