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Bruce Bowman

On Fri, Oct 9, 2020 at 09:36 AM, Annie Green wrote:
By Group Managers Forum do you mean only moderators can ask questions?

GMF Mission Statement:

We strive to be a resource of the highest quality for owners and moderators of groups. We allow as much information as possible from our group to be accessed by visitors! Would you like to be a better group owner and/or moderator? Would you like to see even more improvements in groups? We discuss our experiences as both group owners and moderators, share ideas for promoting and customizing the content areas, and offer various techniques for managing groups.

Often times my group members have questions I can't answer. Can they go directly to this group for answers?
Sure, if they don't mind weeding through all the Moderator/Owner-type discussions. Group_Help may be a better fit.

Bruce, GMF Mod

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