Re: Can the Photo section be have a sub directory with a its own group of photo albums?

Tony Moody

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On 4 Oct 2020 at 9:41, Chris Jones via wrote about :
Subject : Re: [GMF] Can the Photo section be

On Sun, Oct 4, 2020 at 03:21 PM, Pat Pratt wrote:

if you just want to work without a subgroup, make up your 20 albums and start their titles with a letter A or number 0.

That may work, but such an approach is vulnerable to users having a sort order other than "Title ↑". There are 3 other sort orders available and they are an account - wide setting so for reasons that might perfectly legitimate, or perhaps completely accidental, users may not find albums that are "engineered" to be at the front of the pack actually at the front of the pack.

I hesitate to carry on beating the same drum but having an alphabetical index page set up with links to the relevant albums is the way around this; it matters not where the indivdual albums actually are, the links will find them.

An entire sub - group for "reference photographs" will work provided that the ability to upload photos is restricted to moderators, and probably to have it as an Announcement Group as well. However it would still be vulnerable to the choice of sort order which of course moderators cannot control. A second layer of photo albums would also have sort - order limitations, and would also require additional settings to prevent members using it rather than just moderators.

The idea of setting up an index page (which can be done
now) seems to attract little support; I just wish someone would tell me what is actually wrong with the idea. Yes; it requires work to set it up, but it works.



Hallo Chris,

I am interested in the process.

Do you have a sample we could have a look at?

Some time ago I tried to do this and could not work out how to make links from File or Database to, say, attachments in the Photos section.




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