Re: Can the Photo section be have a sub directory with a its own group of photo albums?

Chris Jones

On Sat, Oct 3, 2020 at 08:16 PM, Ld Bonnie wrote:
The purpose of the albums is to demonstrate the capabilities of each camera model and for people to make comparisons. In this case the new section would be under a moderators control. Mallincam makes about twenty different camera models. We will make one Album for each model.
Aha! From what you have now said I think I can see an immediate solution to this. What you have just described would not work without further "changes" because photo albums cannot be split between those to which Members can upload and those to which only Moderators can upload.

You seem to be proposing a sort of "Reference Photos" collection. Would it be worth your considering setting up a sub - group to your entire group, rather then requesting a rework of the way albums currently work? You could easily call it Mallincam Reference Sub-Group or something of the sort; you then have the photo albums in that sub - group set up to be Moderators only.


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