Question about synching members with a file of email addresses

Chuck Palmer

I am considering using the technique mentioned in the Help here:

but am concerned about re-adding members who previously unsubscribed.  Every couple of weeks I do an export of our club's membership from our WordPress website's users database and import the appropriate fields into our MailChimp audience.  If someone unsubscribes from that list, MailChimp does not allow me to re-add them via the next import because of privacy laws. If those who previously unsubscribed want to re-subscribe, they have to do so via a form/link.

I just did a little test where I Direct Added a new regular member, logged in as that member and unsubscribed, then logged in as admin and Direct Added him again without a problem.  I then logged in as that regular member and completely deleted my GIO account.  Then I logged in as admin again and was still able to Direct Add his email address to our group. 

I would think that if a member unsubscribed, an owner should not be able to re-subscribe them.  But rather, it would be up to that person to initiate the re-subscription -- similar to what MailChimp does.  Yes, the person does get an email saying "If this was a mistake, please click on the following link and you will be immediately removed:" but if I unsubscribed from a group, I would not want to see that email each time the owner tried to add me back in again.

So I'm just wondering if this is a concern from a privacy standpoint and if not, how other owners are handing keeping their member lists in sync with other systems.


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