Re: Duplicate Attachments


Christos - If you think about this a bit deeper - it isnt as easy as it sounds on the basis of your logic/thinking. If you are correct that there are attachments here which are in effect are originals (which I have deleted but should not have been touched/deleted) . The photos at least have disappeared altogether. On this basis I agree that it is logical to delete only complete duplicates not partial ones in this way. In the case we are considering - we started with one small original thread with a photo - this was the starter. Then we had a second small one (appparently a duplicate but with another photo) but this duplicate did not have the first photo as part of it. Then we had the large one (call it the 3rd duplicate) with several new photos and an MOV video (albeit video quite small) . It was this point that the 2 previous replies/photos were all to be seen together for the first time. Finally we had another small reply created with no additional photos this time just narrative but all there to be seen again. This final duplication did not add much at all over the 3rd except for narrative.

For my money the only one I could have possibly deleted and not lost anything would have been (all the photos) in No4 . Do you agree ? None of this explains why duplicates are created in the first place and perhaps this is down to lack of trimming. I certainly do not think that when one finds duplicated that deleting them adhoc will result in what you are looking for. In my case had I deleted photos in No4 reply - I would still be looking at 3 duplicates in the stack instead of 4 - two of which would have had repeat photos.

All good stuff - hey !!


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