Re: Duplicate Attachments

Nivard Ovington

Hi Barry

I am unsure what you did as deleting a duplicate attachment does not alter the original

If you go to Admin > Upgrade it shows the amount of storage and how much you have used, see in brackets [View Attachments]

Which lists all the posts with attachments, its fairly easy to look down and check any that are more than one attachment, it may be a post had more than one but its easy to check

If you find one with multiple attachments of the same image, select the reply with a duplicate, under the reply select More (they call it a hamburger I believe) then Edit Message

Under it is a tick box for the attachment, tick it and under it select "Save without sending" (that does not send to the group but does inform the poster of the reply) or you can save and send to the group if required

above the tick boxes is a field to enter a reason for the edit

That does not effect the original post or any other duplicates but leaves the text of the reply

Nivard Ovington in Cornwall (UK)

On 22/09/2020 08:51, Barry via wrote:
Christos - Regarding these multiple attachments - have tested out your suggestion of deleting them by clicking on one of the multiple attachments and making some changes. I edited one duplicate attachment and deleted the photo within it. "Yes" - the attachment has gone altogether from the listing (which is good news) but sadly we have lost the photo for good in all the other duplicates. In all the other duplicates we retain the narrative because I did not disturb that. Back to square one as I see it - one change effects all. Delete one photo - deletes attachment from listing (success) but also removes the photo form elsewhere (not a success). barry

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