Duplicate Attachments


We are seeing duplicate attachments created here and there in our forum. Such duplicates occupy more space than needed and use up what space is available to us. At present I cannot see a way of removing such duplicate attachments without deleting the topics themselves, in which the attachments appear. This is not what anyone would wish to see take place. Regretably we now have a number of such duplicate attachments in the attachment list. Hopefully it might be possible for the service provider to resolve this problem. Currently this is not a major issue for us - but it does need looking into for sure, because it could easily become a problem in the future. IO rules surrounding (space constraints) apply to attachments as we know, which is the ludicrous situation we face.
I am concerned about this. One thread we have had recently was called "Winter Flying" . There are not many words in the thread but a number of excellent photos and one short MOV video. The thread with all its 4 attachments runs to 13Mb. It was great little thread and one we do not wish to lose. Having said this - we dont need 4 such attachments of this in our records. What can be done ? Asking members to trim each and every one of their replies before posting is not the answer. I need a way of deleting duplicate attachments when they occur or if a member adds, to an attachment (with another photo for instance/text) then instead of making another "fresh attachment" - the system should recognise the existing one is being added to and just add the next sequential photo into the order.

Who needs multiple attachments about the same topic ?


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