Re: Scam emails

Chris Jones

On Wed, Sep 9, 2020 at 02:23 AM, Mick Anderson wrote:
I have started receiving scam emails which are disguised as coming from members. I have two Moderators that also received them. The emails do not appear on the message board or in the activity log. The Moderators were changed to not receive emails of owner notifications and they no longer receive the scams.
N.B. My underlining above.

I suddenly realised that you started this topic on the same day that you posted this on beta, although I have no idea of their respective posting times. Given the way that this latter point was resolved on beta would I be right in thinking that the assertion The emails do not appear on the message board or in the activity log was / is probably incorrect?

I suspect that these rogue messages were spam rather than scam, but that is a minor perhaps semantic point.

FWIW (attempted) group messages sent by non - members are also recorded in Activity as Non - member message. Where a group does not permit non - members to post they just sit there as a record; where a group does allow non - members to post they are forwarded for moderation in the usual way.

As an aside the group I moderate has had 24 spam attempts since the beginning of the month; it is also quite common to find attempted messages from members who have sent their contribution from a "wrong" (i.e. unregistered) email address.

Anyway in your case (as others have pointed out) the spam was being sent to the all - too - public "+owner" email address, and they will be in the Activity log if you search for them.


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