Re: Reply To Topic Followers Only #question

Bruce Bowman

On Sat, Sep 5, 2020 at 04:07 PM, Marina wrote:
If I have understood correctly, it's up to moderators to set a topic to "Reply To Topic Followers Only".
Marina -- Yes, but that Moderator would need to have the "Edit Archives" permission.

What would be the practical use of this choice?
It might be useful to implement this reply-to setting if a topic begins to stray too far afield. Those who have already participated can continue to discuss it without subsequent emails being sent to the rest of the group. Effectively, you've muted the topic from that point forward, to avoid annoying those who aren't interested.

I can also see it as a useful group-wide setting for "For Sale" groups. After initially posting an ad, interested people can then reply to that first message (the one containing the ad). That collection of subscribers can then bid against each other for the item, haggle on a price, whatever -- again, without cluttering up everyone else's inboxes.
If you read your messages using the web interface, this is all would see all the posts anyway. But experience suggests that a lot of subscribers stick with email and rarely bother to log in.


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