Searching for a word/phrase in a file/s in a folder #search

M Parker

My group has an organised structure within the Files section with all the entries being folders. Each folder has a hierarchical structure of sub-folders. It has been found that when searching for a particular word when one is in a sub-folder the result of the search shows all occurrences of the word within the whole of the Files section and not just within the subfolder.

Is there any way of limiting the search to the immediate folder rather than the entire Files structure please? I have looked in the Members Manual, section 14.2 on p50 and this does not resolve the issue.

Leeds, UK

The problem I have with the search engine is that wherever I am in Files, the search box returns matches for the whole of Files.  I have not found a way to search so that it behaves as normal search engines, and only returns matches within the currently open folder and its sub-folders.

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