Re: Auto delete or archive #question


On Fri, Sep 4, 2020 at 05:53 PM, Tom Vail wrote:
We have a sub-group that is for posting items for sale.  We want to automatically remove them after 30 days.  is there an io function to do that?  Looked through Help, and searched history but nothing.
You'll need to use a hashtag.  I have one named #ForSale that is set to delete the topic after 30 days.  I also set it to moderated so I can weed out extraneous replies, but can approve those that are pertinent.  If you don't want any replies posted, you could set it to Lock immediately and won't need moderated.  If that's the only function of the subgroup, you could set it for Hashtags Required (Message Policies), create only the #ForSale tag, and set Hashtag Permissions (Message Policies) to bounce messages that don't have it.

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