Re: Stopping a flood of unwanted messages

Chris Jones

On Wed, Sep 2, 2020 at 04:59 PM, Steve Matzura wrote:
How has this single email list become a target for this nonsense, and how can I set the group so that no new senders can find it?
To answer your questions in order... "who knows" and "you probably can't" if it is already not listed in the Directory. One step might be to double - check the accuracy of that assertion.

If your group is indeed not visible to anyone trying to find it is it safe to assume that you recruit members by invitation? If not how do you acquire members?

Is your group "Restricted" so that new applicants require Moderator approval? If not then perhaps it ought to be. Requiring applicants to demonstrate their bona fides by having to justify themselves by responding to a Pending Subscription message is a tried and tested way of keeping spammers at bay.

Are members allowed to post completely unmoderated? Do you moderate a number of initial posts before unmoderating new members?

Do you allow non - members to post, albeit via moderation? If you do, then stop it now.

Once the spammers have found you then simply hoping that they'll go away is hoping too much. It will require determined action on your part to stop them.


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