Re: Files upload option still there after turning it off #bug

Christos G. Psarras


Yes, it seems it is a display bug, just tried it and it does the same.  The reason one is taken back to home must be because the underlying code is doign its permissions job and preventing from file uploading but doesn't have code behind it to alert the user or whatnot so I guess when lost, "just go home", LOL!

You are correct, the New button should be disabled/greyed out or non-visible and it will take care of the issue, easy fix.  You might as well create a bug report in beta.


On Sun, Aug 30, 2020 at 10:18 PM, Chuck Palmer wrote:
I have the Files feature set so that members can View but only moderators can upload.  However, if I login as a "regular" member, the +New dropdown button is still there and lets me walk thru the steps of either creating a new folder or uploading a new file.  After browsing for the new file and selecting it, it doesn't upload anything and just returns me to the main welcome screen of our group -- leaving me, as a regular member, very confused.

Shouldn't this +New button not even be there as an option?

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