Re: Many users never see my replies to questions

Chris Jones

On Wed, Aug 26, 2020 at 05:42 PM, Frances wrote:
Look in Admin, Members, your account, Activity. Or in Admin, Activity, Moderator Activity (since it is you as owner / moderator).
I would also suggest that you look at the Email Delivery settings for any member who claims not to have seen your post. Then immediately after you post something look at the Email Delivery History of as many of those "suspects" as you can to verify that your message has been emailed to them and is not recorded as having bounced.

Andy Wedge wrote: I don't see anything wrong here and I think you will have a hard time trying to control the order in which members respond to messages and I think that he is perfectly right. I would also point out that someone claiming not to have received your post may not really be telling the whole truth; they may have received it but as Read Receipts often point out "received" and "read" are not the same thing. "Received" and "noticed" are not the same thing either!

I am slightly puzzled by what appears to be a competition to be the first to reply to a question; as a Moderator/Co - owner I do not see myself (or any other Moderator/Co - owner) as automatically having the right of first reply. It just doesn't seem very "group" minded.


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