Re: Print a member list?

Chris Jones

On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 03:03 PM, Karin Beil wrote:
I'm not seeing a way to print our current member list.
That's because there is no direct way of doing it.

... our president wants to see the list on paper. Not everyone is techy
I suggest that you persuade your president to become a bit techy. The only available option means quite a bit more work for you as Owner, as follows:

From the Members List click on Download. This will give you a CSV file that needs to be opened as a spreadsheet that includes information about joining date, delivery options, posting status and the like. Printing the spreadsheet in that form will guzzle paper to include all the probably extraneous information so it may be necessary to delete all the irrelevant columns first.

Even with the largely irrelevant material removed you are likely to finish up with a lot of paper being used, depending on how many members you have.

In your position I would say "sorry", you are going to have to process this material for yourself, and here's how...


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