Re: member unsubscribed for 'marking a message as spam'?

Chris Jones

On Sat, Aug 15, 2020 at 09:52 PM, Nivard Ovington wrote:
Spam filters need training and by marking as "not spam" its teaching the filters
Well... sometimes. My ISP (BT) changed its mail interface a few months ago and all traffic was shunted into the Spam Box. ("All" in this case being traffic from the one group I moderate; my preferred modus operadum is to use the web UI) Marking messages as "Not Spam" was completely ineffective; it carried on shunting them aside. My previous solution was to disable the spam filter but this option was not available under the new regime, and on its own admission BT had / has no means of whitelisting.

The only solution was to load per group sending addresses into the ISP's webmail Contacts List, and with one exception this method has been successful. Simply trying to teach BT not to declare emails as Spam was a waste of time, and without knowing how other ISPs react to attempted training I for one would not recommend that as a solution.


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