Re: member unsubscribed for 'marking a message as spam'?

Chris Jones

On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 02:28 PM, isis feral wrote:
I'm not exactly writing off as a result. I'm certainly not moving my groups.
I should sincerely hope not on both points.

But for the type of groups I tend to take care of, with many people with disabilities and limited technical skills, it's something that will likely make me go elsewhere next time I need to start one.
Ultimately I suspect that that approach will fail. While making every effort to accommodate those "with disabilities and limited technical skills" is clearly a worthwhile enterprise, I think it is a mistake to work on the assumption that it is possible to use much of "the internet" without at least some degree of ongoing learning and adapting to change. You only need to look at the Changelog (via the "Updates" Group) to realise that a lot of changes can take place over a week / month / year, etc; at least the changes tend to be of greater impact on Owners and Moderators rather than rank and file members who may not even realise that something has changed.

Another flaw is that no group (and I don't just mean a group) cannot operate in isolation from the wider internet ecosystem. There are countless ISPs and in some respects each of them has a unique relationship with a "group provider", and to complicate matters further they may use third party carriers to handle their traffic. Furthermore although my ISP provides me with a mail service in reality that mail service is provided by yet another third party provider. Any of the actors in the great play can introduce "improvements" that actually degrade the service that some customers receive; at some point last year my ostensible provider  changed one of their providers and the result that emails sent to addresses of the form xxxx+yyy@...were systematically misrouted. (You should note that uses that address format a lot) That format with a "+" in it is a perfectly legitimate one, but somehow a service provider that was not visible to the end users managed to screw things up, and it took months to resolve.

So by all means keep searching for the "perfect provider"; just don't expect it to remain perfect for very long, never mind forever.


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