Downloading Calendar Event Issue #calendar

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Apologies if this has been addressed somewhere but I searched for "download calendar event" and did not see anything similar.

I just noticed that when I download a Calendar event that has a link in its Description section like:

TOPIC: She will discuss....
Meeting Link:

when it gets added to my calendar, it strips out some of the link and it looks like this in my calendar's entry:
*Meeting Link * https //

In addition to dropping the ":" after "https", it splits the URL up so that the "pwd=bz...." part of it no longer is part of the hyperlink.
Then it repeats the whole thing again in parentheses:
 ( https //

But interestingly, in the repeated info after the parentheses, the whole URL is hyperlinked -- granted without the ":" after the "https"

I'm using a MacBook Pro with Catalina and this is an .ics file that is downloaded into Apple Calendar using the default CalendarFileHandler:

The same thing happens if I save the .ics file locally then click on it to add it to my calendar.



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