Re: Bug in Welcoming Message to new members



That's part of the boilerplate welcome message from and
while you can customise it by adding to it, you cannot delete any
Well, maybe.

If Jina meant an Invitation, or the notice sent when a group Direct Adds someone, then you are correct.

On the other hand, if Jina meant the default Welcome sent when someone joins by any means (including +subscribe and the Home page button) then Duane is correct. The Member Notice of type Welcome, configured in the Member Notice tab of the group's Settings page, is completely editable.

A group can even choose not to send one at all, by ensuring that there are no Member Notices of type Welcome that are marked "Active". Or, a group can send more than one by creating more than one and marking each as Active.

Also, the Member Notice of type Group Guidelines also has a "Send on join" checkbox. So it too can be sent to each new member.


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