On Wed, Jul 8, 2020 at 03:15 PM, Ellen Bourne wrote:
On Sunday, July 5th I emailed a member from the directory.  Several days passed and I texted the member.  They never received the email.  I asked them to check their SPAM nothing was in their SPAM from me.  I had to email them the information from my yahoo.  This they did receive.  Has there been a problem with emailing members individually.
Ellen, I just went to Directory (not Members in Admin), found myself (for a test), selected my own email address from the options (rather than the owners email address). I BCC'd myself. I received it in my email.

Directory does not have all members though. Members in Admin does. You can scroll down and click on Send Email from the bottom of the page.
The only problem I see with using Directory is that I can't see the message I sent online in the Email Delivery History. I can see it with the Members list in Admin.


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