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Larry McDavid

This link below about cookies is specific to Chrome and Samsung Internet Browsers. I am using Firefox as my desktop and mobile browser. Checking the Settings for the mobile Firefox, I find that cookies are enabled, except for tracking cookies. I think that should be sufficient.

Tested again, the problem I described persists. No error message is generated but the empty login screen returns when login fails.

I see no Samsung Galaxy Android setting for cookies. However, AT&T Samsung did recently upgrade my software version, now shown as Android Version 10. I believe the email link to Group websites has worked in the past on this phone; I can't be sure the current problem coincided with the Android software update, but something has changed.

I agree the cookies explanation is logical but I can't confirm it as my mobile Firefox has cookies enabled.

Further ideas?


On 7/7/2020 5:57 PM, Bruce Bowman wrote:
On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 08:02 PM, Larry McDavid wrote:
The problem is *not* mistyped password. I get no error
message, just restatement of the login page asking for username and
password again. I requested a link to login and that link brought me
back to the login page. I surely thought I had Group links working
from my cell phone at one time but not now; everything works as
expected from my desktop.
This is a strong indication that you have browser cookies disabled. Here's some information that might help:
Best wishes,

Larry McDavid W6FUB
Anaheim, California (SE of Los Angeles, near Disneyland)

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