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Larry McDavid

I really don't know if my cell phone stores cookies; I'm using an Android Galaxy S10 phone. The problem is *not* mistyped password. I get no error message, just restatement of the login page asking for username and password again. I requested a link to login and that link brought me back to the login page. I surely thought I had Group links working from my cell phone at one time but not now; everything works as expected from my desktop.

I can read my email on my cell phone and see messages as an email. But, now when I click on an email link for an uploaded photo, for example, wants me to login and I can't do that successfully from my cell phone.

Anyone else experience this problem?


On 7/7/2020 2:32 PM, Andy Wedge wrote:
On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 07:51 PM, Larry McDavid wrote:
my cell phone email access to Group links requests a password but
does not accept my known password.
You don't mention any kind of error message but it sounds like you have mistyped your password on your mobile.  As Duane said, you can be logged in on multiple devices at the same time so, on you mobile, I would suggest requesting a link to login and then using that link to login. If that works, it sort of confirms a mistyped password previously.  If not, then you could report the results back here (with details of any error message you get) to see if we can offer further guidance.
Best wishes,

Larry McDavid W6FUB
Anaheim, California (SE of Los Angeles, near Disneyland)

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