Re: How to subscribe Subgroup B.1 to an event calendar for Group A #calendar

Bruce Bowman

On Thu, Jul 2, 2020 at 01:46 PM, Yusuf Leo Schuman wrote:
To simplify: I want Calendar Events from Group A to be sent to Subgroup B.1. How can I do this?
Yusuf -- A forwarder is the only way I know of...and even then, the events themselves are not sent, only the associated notifications (#cal-notice, #cal-reminder, etc).

- appears to treat any address as invalid and will not allow subscription
Correct. is not an email service provider, and will refuse to subscribe an address with that domain.

- also treats email forwarded from a Gmail address as invalid and will not allow subscription
I'm confused by this. "Will not allow subscription" is an entirely different problem from "treating email forwarded as invalid." If you can't subscribe the address, it stands to reason that the messages don't get least without going through moderation.

So let's step back.

You need to subscribe the GMail address to group A, group B and subgroup B.1. All three. Be sure to set the subscription to B.1 to "no email," or you will create a dupe loop.

At that point you could set up a forwarder in Gmail so anything arriving with any #cal-xxxxx hashtag (from group A) is forwarded to the B.1 subgroup. Unless there's something about Gmail that I don't understand (entirely possible), has no way of knowing that these emails were forwarded or something you typed's just an email from that address. So it should post to B.1.

Be sure to also set up the calendar in group A so that "public can view." Otherwise, no one in subgroup B.1 will be able to see the calendar entries.

Hope this helps,

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