How to subscribe Subgroup B.1 to an event calendar for Group A #calendar

Yusuf Leo Schuman

I've created a Group (A) for the purpose of sending a daily aphorism to anyone subscribed to the group, as a Calendar event. Now, I want to have these messages posted, each day, to all members of a Subgroup (B.1) of a different Group (B) I administer. How do I do this? B is an enterprise group, with curated membership. A is deliberately not a subgroup of B, to allow anonymous subscription to Group A by people who are not part of Group B.

I have tried to cross-subscribe the list names/addresses, but am told they are not valid address by the Direct Add interface of the Subgroup to which I want the daily messages posted. I created and tried using an "Email Integration" address instead, but am again told it is not a valid address, when I try to subscribe it to Group A.

How can I get the daily events from Group A to post to Subgroup B.1?


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