Re: disappearing online reply options #messages



Now that I've reversed the order in which they appear, it's the OLDEST
ones-still the 5 on bottom-that I'm not able to reply to. (And I do
see them ALL...(it isnt a matter of only displaying just 20 at a
time), I just dont have the "reply" button on those bottom 5.
According to your screenshot, not just the Reply link, but the whole bottom bar (Reply Like More) is missing. That's very odd.

I also have been unable to reproduce this, regardless of sort order or whether my Items per page is set to 100 or 20. Having your page display go wonky at 20 strikes me as related to your Items per Page setting. Check your account preferences to see.

Using Firefox on Win10 - which may make a difference. I join Bruce in being curious what browser you're using on what kind of system.

But even if your account is set to 20 items per page, there's still a bug: those extra 4 or 5 messages shouldn't show on page 1 of 2, you should need to advance to the next page to see them.


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