Re: disappearing online reply options #messages

Jean Guevara

Thank you, gentelmen! That is so interesting! Yes, my messages were in fact displayed oldest to newest, so it was the NEWEST ones-the 5 on bottom-that I wasnt able to reply to. Now that I've reversed the order in which they appear, it's the OLDEST ones-still the 5 on bottom-that I'm not able to reply to. (And I do see them ALL...(it isnt a matter of only displaying just 20 at a time), I just dont have the "reply" button on those bottom 5. So strange. But, like I said, it's really not a problem, just something odd that we noticed...and now we know if someone wants to reply to one of those on the bottom from the website (instead of from email), they just need to reverse the order to get the reply option back again.

Thank you :)


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