Re: disappearing online reply options #messages

Bruce Bowman

Jean -- I looked more carefully at your GMF screenshot and managed to get myself even more confused.  :-)

Shal's and Kathleen's posts in your screenshot are the 4th- and 5th-most recent posts in the thread, not the oldest. So if you can't reply to them, but can reply to others further up the page, it's not because they're "too old."

Nonetheless, there should be a menu bar across the bottom of each message. Clearing your browser cache and reloading the page could help, but that seems unlikely to explain why it's also happening to someone else. Is your group a Premium group? Is it possible that someone has the group locked (unlikely, since you can still send messages by email...)?

At this point I'd also be interested to know what browser/device you are using to do this. Not sure I can provide further [any?] assistance, but perhaps someone else can.


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