Re: How do Message Selection settings operate under various Email Delivery settings? #messages #settings


On Thu, Jun 4, 2020 at 12:43 PM, Peter Cook wrote:
Ok, from what I can tell, any Email Delivery setting other than Individual Messages makes the Message Selection settings irrelevant.
The FAQ in Help says this about Message Selection:

Is your message selection preference for the group set to All Messages?
(On the group’s website, click Subscription in the left navigation menu, expand the Advanced Preferences panel on your subscription page, and look under Message Selection.)

And if you go to Subscriptions and open Advanced Preferences it says: groups have powerful advanced subscription options to help you customize which topics and hasthtags appear in your group's Digest or in the individual emails you receive in your inbox.

In the Email Delivery section above, you have chosen your preferred method of email delivery (Individual Emails, Digest, Special Notices, No Email).

The advanced preferences below will allow you to further customize what topics and hashtags are delivered to you in accordance with your email delivery preference settings. The default setting is all messages; please be aware that making changes below will decrease the number of messages you receive by refining your selection to only the ones you specify.

Please note: If you have selected Special Notices Only or No Email, the below preferences will not override that.

I think that if you have muted a topic, you won't receive them, even in digest.

See:  Q: I am not receiving email messages from a group I joined. What should I do?

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