New Admin Needs Help #groupowner #changememberemail #access

I could not get into my internet e-mail account over the weekend and got an error message that my e-mail account was suspended.  I've been with this company for maybe 25 year. They quit doing e-mail and focused on websites but kept providing e-mail for us old timers. Because of past experience, I knew they would not receive my voice mail message and return my call for at least a week or longer.  I started changing my email address to my gmail account so certain things would not bounce.  My sign in to my was [redacted adress1] (or [redacted adress1C]) with a password.  I changed my e-mail to [redacted address2]. 

With the changes in google groups, I had previously established two groups, for which I was owner/admin:  The Heart of Texas Chapter of Romance Writers of America and HeartofTexasRWAWorkshop.  I lost access to both groups.  After my [redacted adress1] started working again (apparently a  glitch on their end), I changed my e-mail back to [redacted adress1].  I still cannot access the groups.  I changed my e-mail to [redacted adress1C] in case it was case sensitive.  Still nothing.  I was able to find the groups and tried to rejoin, but now get a message that my subscription has not been approved.  I have totally locked myself out of the groups I created and others, which were and are workshops I've signed up for.  

Short of hiring a keeper for me, is there any way to remedy this?


Belinda Bass
[redacted adress1]

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