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Bruce Bowman

On Tue, Jun 2, 2020 at 08:33 AM, Sener Yelkenci wrote:
I want to create a book or movie list in my group. But also want that all my group members could give 5 stars (or 0-10 points) to each of a book or movie on the list. So it's not a poll. Maybe it's a database but there is no such function.
Could it be possible in
Şener -- There is no such native function. Here are two work-arounds, neither of them satisfactory (IMO).

You may not consider this to be a poll, but polling is probably the best way to implement it using existing system functions. Just create one for each book/movie and provide 5 responses, corresponding to your available ratings (1-5). When you finish creating the poll, a notification will go out with a link, and folks can click that link to respond (they have to log in to the web portal to do this). Each person's rating is easily retrievable, and you can collect all the movie ratings together by searching on the #poll hashtag (or perhaps another hashtag you create specifically for this purpose).

The biggest problem with this approach is most people don't click on the hyperlink and log in as instructed. They instead reply to the notification via email and "vote" that way. This not only fails to populate the poll with results, but there's also no way for you to enter that data by proxy.

A database implementation would probably be even more difficult, as there's no provision within for 3-dimensional data tables. You could make Column 1 the rater's name. People doing the rating would have to add their own row, or you would have to (manually) pre-populate all the rows with their names, one for each subscriber. Whenever you ask for a new book/movie review, you would have to append a new column (using Edit Table Properties). At that point the subscriber would find the intersection between the thing being rated and their own member row and insert their rating as a number. This strikes me as clumsy at best, and would require a lot of hand-holding. 

I hope this helps, but it probably doesn't.


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