Re: Merging an account with no-longer-valid Yahoo email address (and no password) with another account #question #changeemail #login #access


On Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 01:18 PM, Doug Ruth wrote:
My group ported from Yahoo Groups in Nov. 2019.  A member was using a Yahoo email address, but at that time he did NOT take the steps to create a account using that Yahoo email address. Subsequently he deleted/nuked that Yahoo email address, so it is no longer valid, and "his" (never-completed) account now shows as Bounced (red B icon) due to the invalid Yahoo email address.  Subsequent to that, he created a account using a email address, and joined/subscribed to our group.

So he has 2 accounts:
  • 1 inaccessible one, using the now-invalid Yahoo email address, with (apparently) no password set.  His historical posts (when still with Yahoo Groups) show under this account.
  • and his new account, using the email address
To clean up my group's "Bounce lists", I'd like to get rid of the old account (the one using the now-invalid Yahoo email address).  Preferably by merging it with his new account (the one using the email address).
First, a mistake. The member who was transferred from YahooGroups or anyone who joins a group in has a account.
He may not have logged into his account, but he had an account. 

So your member created a new account rather than changing his email address. Changing an email address is easy.
You might want to educate your members. Perhaps add this FAQ to your monthly reminder, or add it as a footer to your emails.

It is possible to merge two accounts, but not without access to both email address.
So, sorry, don't think you can do it. You can delete his account (the one that used to have a Yahoo email address), his messages will stay in the group, but will NOT be linked to his current account.


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