Re: Problems with polls #polls

Bruce Bowman

On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 02:06 AM, Steve Hayes wrote:
I recently set up my first-ever poll, which I asked members of my group to
participate in.

One asked what password was being asked for when they tried to complete the
Steve -- One of the downsides of GIO polls is there is no way to enter a vote without first logging into the web portal.

My question is, how does one see the results of the poll? There is a menu
item on the web interface for a new poll, but there doesn't seem to be
anything for voting in or looking at the results of existing polls.
A poll is just a special kind of message.

Go to Messages, pull down the blue menu at upper left, and select Polls. Click open the poll in question and you should find a "See Results" link.


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