Re: problem with the way emails come through


Paul, on behalf of [caplakes]
That does look a lot like the From address of a Yahoo Group member, as munged by both Yahoo Groups and a receiving email service.

Does this mean that 1) they are still sending to the yahoo address ...
That would be my bet. The footer of the message you received should tell the tale: is it a Yahoo Groups footer or a footer?

Can one simply close down the Yahoo group altogether to force the
Yes and no.

You can delete the Yahoo Group if you're an owner of it (or maybe a mod with sufficient privileges). But that would eliminate its use as a "we've moved" billboard, which might be too high a price.

Since the October changes there is no more Access Control tab, which you previously could have used to set "Who can post?" to Moderators Only.

So that leave you with either deleting all the members of the Yahoo Group or setting their Posting Privileges to "Override - can't post messages". Either a somewhat tedious process if there are very many members. You can use the checkboxes and Actions menu in the Manage Members page to do either of the above in batches, but that may still be more tedious than you care for.

I requested no member use caplakes@yahoogroups after the switch but as
you know, one can never be 100% sure that it was done.
In a group of any size you can be almost certain that there won't be 100% compliance. The pattern I've seen in some of my Yahoo Group memberships (in groups that have since "moved on") is that some member will post to the (no longer moderated) Yahoo group, and this will produce a cascade of replies.

That leaves the mods (if they're paying attention) to try and contact those members off-list to have them re-post in the new home. And/or post a new "we've moved" notice to the Yahoo Group.


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