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Bruce Bowman

On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 10:07 AM, Shubha Bala wrote:
I have a similar need, but with job title and organization (this is a need for reporting to funders).

Using the screening method, is there a way to automatically store and find responses to their screening questions?  Or would I have to manually retype it somewhere?
If you're using the Pending Subscription notice as a questionnaire, the emailed response should come back to the group +owner address and will be stored in that subscriber's "+owner messages" (see button found at the top of his member record).

If all you need is to be able to find that info, this may serve your purpose. If you need to collate all such subscriber's info so it's indexed and searchable and can be neatly presented you'll have to manually transfer it into a database table or an Excel spreadsheet or something like that.

Using the database method, is "membership roster" a database function that would automatically populate, and then I just have to add the additional fields?  Or do I have to re-enter every member into the database?
You could export the member list as a CSV file, which could subsequently be imported into a database table (or Excel). This would at least give you the data entries that already exist in the member list, without having to type them all in by hand.

See and

The columns in the destination database would need to be carefully defined to make this work cleanly. If you develop a functional template for this purpose, please share it with us.


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