Missing Footer

Ellen Bourne

Good morning, I have notice this since the end of last week.  I am the moderator of the group and usually I can email the members privately Reply to sender.  I have noticed that this is not an option in the footer over a week now.

Can you please let me know why I am not receiving this option.

Below is the footer I see when responding to emails


View/Reply Online (#695): https://DanburyCOC.groups.io/g/DanburyCOCMembers/message/695
Mute This Topic: https://groups.io/mt/74149024/1372623
Group Owner: DanburyCOCMembers+owner@DanburyCOC.groups.io
Unsubscribe: https://DanburyCOC.groups.io/g/DanburyCOCMembers/unsub [ELLEN_BOURNE@...]

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