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Hi all,

This week's change log:

Feel free to reply to this topic if you'd like to comment on the
changes. Or better yet, if you expect a lot of discussion start a new
topic (or rejoin an existing one) about a specific change.

CHANGE: Documented photo/file upload size limits and increased them
for premium/enterprise groups.
Note that this refers to the sizes of individual photos/files being uploaded. It is not an increase in total storage space.

04-30 CHANGE: Rolled back the List-Id change from 4/25/20.
04-25 CHANGE: The List-Id email header now includes the group id, to
better help us parse FBL reports.
This will only be of interest to those who filter their incoming group messages based on the List-Id header field. For those that do, a bit of whiplash as the change was made and rolled back again.

NEW: We now parse more information about which message was flagged as
spam from an FBL report, and send that out to the user and group
And indeed, a recent notice to GMF cites the Subject of the marked message:

"This is to notify you that [redacted] has been unsubscribed from your
group because message RSVP Boilerplate
#rsvp #calendar #membernotices was marked as spam."

Alas, I don't think the message number is available (else Mark would likely have included it) so there's still some ambiguity over which specific message it may have been in that topic. But I'm not sure if that would be relevant very often.

Comments about these others are also welcome:

NEW: Updated Help Center manuals with Nina's updates, including
reformatted PDFs.
SYSADMIN: Continued debugging issues with the new database server.
SYSADMIN: Upgraded the web servers with more memory to deal with
increased file/photo upload sizes.
BUGFIX: Sorting by file type in the Files section would sometimes
return the same results over multiple pages because our sort
criteria wasn't stable.
INTERNAL: We now clean up unused RSS feeds in the database.
INTERNAL: On an edited message, check if the digest message exists
already before adding it, to prevent postgres log messages.
INTERNAL: Changed nginx log format back to combined to goaccess can
parse user agents.
INTERNAL: Work to make it easier to add additional FBL providers.
API: /getevent wasn't obeying the group calendar permissions setting.

Please call out any you find significant.


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